Friday, February 7, 2014

140110 Ben's @ Gurney Paragon

This was a day out with mum!


Back in Jan 10th, about to start a new semester. 
Went Inti to pay my fees. This second floor is probably one of the biggest changes in the college. haha
The red and the lights... 

On the way to Paragon.
Phone selca haha
when you're in the car, sometimes it's very shady, dim light but when it comes to the moment when you're crossing a path where there are no shades and there's maximum amount of sunlight. HAHAHA
You'll be like eh can selca leh. *Quickly grab phone and pose HAHAH
Probably for girls only lah haha.
VSCOcam filter
Sometimes the good thing about phone cam is blurry images. 
It's not sharp and it won't shows your flaws. hah
straight front face haha

We came down to a decision to have our brunch at Ben's.

Macadamia Cheesecake Sundae (RM13)
It's not my first time here but first time to try this out.
This is equivalent to heaven! It's so good I wanna cry :')
ice-cream, caramel, macadamia brittle & cheesecake chunks.
Caramelized macadamia, cheesy cheesecake. 
So sweet to my liking!!!! This immediately made into my list of fav desserts.
This is enough to make me full.
Ben's should just promote their desserts because so far for those desserts I've already tried, they're all really good. 
Well, this *points above is not 'really good', it's heaven.

 Ben's Cheeseburger on Sesame Seed Bun (RM26)
with cheddar slices and french fries
The mains are so so to me as usual :/ 
I would now considered Ben's as a dessert shop instead hahahaha :p

More photos to come. My photos ._.
All the so called hashtag ootd photos. hahahah
and I''ll show you my mum photography skills! ;p



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  1. The sundae looks pretty nice. :-)

    Penang Ho Chiak