Sunday, February 2, 2014

Benefit Little Love Potions

This was the Christmas gift set I bought myself last year at RM140 at Sephora.
When I decided to lay my hands on this, it was sold out here in Penang Sephora, Kim bought it back from KL for me haha. Yep, these gift sets are always limited as they release new ones each season.

I have always wanted to try a few of these but am afraid of what if I don't like it and ended up wasting them.
So this set of 10 sample sized products is definitely a great idea of getting to try out different products and get an idea of what you like and don't like.

It's good to experiment different products to discover possible new favourites before going for the full sized product.

As to no surprise, I did not like some
Hoola ultra plush gloss. Because I don't like the scent of it D: horrible .___. but some people like it. It only gives you shine with no colour. Im obsessed with bright red colour now. so, this is a no no for me.
BADgal lash mascara. Im kinda disappointed at this because it doesn't really lengthen my eyelashes compared to those mascara Im using even to the maybelline ones :(

What I really like
POREfessional. Definitely! It really does the job in minimizing your pores temporary. Needs touching up. Anyway, awesomeee.
hoola bronzer. My first bronzer and I love it. Just I hope it's a little less orangey. I like the matte finish and how pigmented it is.
watt's up! highlighter. I use this to highlight the bridge of my nose. Easy application.

The only thing Im not sure whether I like it or not is the stay don't stray in light/medium eye primer. You know why? Because I don't wear eye shadows haha!

set includes: 
deluxe the POREfessional 7.5 mL/0.25 US fl. oz. 
deluxe it's potent! eye cream 3.0 g Net wt. 0.1 oz. 
deluxe high beam 2.5 mL/0.08 US fl. oz. 
deluxe posietint 2.5 mL/0.08 US fl. oz. 
deluxe stay don't stray in light/medium 2.5 mL/0.08 US fl. oz. 
deluxe watt's up! 2.5 mL/0.08 US fl. oz. 
deluxe BADgal lash 4.0g Net wt. 0.14 oz. 
deluxe "that gal" 7.5 mL/ 0.25 US fl. oz. 
deluxe hoola 3.0g Net wt. 0.1 oz. 
hoola ultra plush deluxe sample s 6.5 mL/0.22 US fl. oz.

an idea of the size of the mini sized products.


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