Friday, February 7, 2014

EXO's Showtime EP 11 (Chinese Sub) [中字]

This episode is a MUST WATCH!
Baek is sooooooooooooooooooooo CUTE ok! ♥♥♥ gahhhh

InnJoe came home with me to watch 'You Who Came From the Stars' after class just now. You're missing a lot of endao-ness if you're not watching this drama. hahahaha
Then, continued with... EXO's Showtime!

9:16! Baek cuteness overload I swear. Marry me please ._____.
Have been putting this on repeat since someone cut and translate this 'I Got a Boy' part yesterday.

Now, here's the full video with Chinese subtitles :)

Yes the teaser is out hehe
Sadly, JongHyun is the only original member that stays for this new album. They should have included Kyuhyun too :(
Now with new members SNSD's TaeYeon, TVXQ's Changmin, Suju's Yesung, f(x)'s Krystal, EXO's chen, Suju M's ZhouMi and the long gone Zhang LiYin 

Good thing they included some of my very fav like Krystal, Chen, TaeYeon and JongHyun.

Im a big fan of Suju but YeSung is my least fav among the members but but I admit his voice is really good. It Has To Be You by YeSung one of my fav songs till now, too emo though. haha

Why not Henry instead of ZhouMi D: I would change ZhouMi and Zhang LiYin if I can ._.
No offense lah but I don't like them mar :( Personal preference.
I only noticed Zhang LiYin back then when SM used to have a SM Town album or she joins along SM concerts. 

Korean ver.
That TaeYeon moment is like woah. gorg gorg gorgeous. hehe

Chinese ver.

Japanese ver.


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