Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines Day!

I suggested for a mini shoot at our college rooftop after class. Hence. Here's a preview.
Hundreds of photos. I'll find time to filter my photos and write a blogpost about it :) probably separating into a few posts.

Just so you know. They set this colour dress code. It's our choice to follow or not.
White- single & available, me me me hahaha
Black- single but not available (I wear my everyday jacket which is black... ._.)
Pink- someone in mind
Red- in a relationship
Blue- engaged or married

Not sure whether I got them right, but it's something like this lar. I only saw the notice twice.

Chianchyi said there should be mentally dating someone that doesnt even know your existence. Omg so us T_T our koreans...
Maybe green? :p

I find this flowers really pretty at our front door ♥♥♥
InnJoe, CaiYing, me, Joanne.
 Oops. Im posing differently 

 but when I did the pose they did previously, the other two... mehhh

Rooftop :D Ying and Kimberly have gone back.
 You know what. She's showing off her so called nice shoes.

 I wore slippers by mistake this morning. ishhh
But, I have nice slippers lor okay :p

 w/ ChianChyi and Joanne.
99% of their photos are hilariously abnormal, when they try to pose and their poses hahahaha no offense guys ♥ haha 

w/ ShynYih

laughing like a retard.

It was quite fun even under this hot weather. SUNNY HOT DAY. I was sweating like najksdkjagvabl.
6 minutes till valentines ends! 


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