Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Pink Knit Wear | 140208 Hair Cut


Wearing: Uniqueens made knit top, Forever 21 jeans, Zara bag.

I have these girlish accessories where I got them at a younger age like the small pendant necklace. Some are still in a really good condition. I tend to go for larger pendants and weird large stuff to hang around my neck as I grow up. Still, it's good to have both kinds. I'm trying to utilize every single piece of mine from now on, old or new.

I really love the top I got from Uniqueens at the flea market. It's so beautiful and comfortable. Im a person who is all about comfortable. Some sweaters feel like they're poking you inside. I would definitely buy more of the same design at different colours if they're selling.

A friend of mine told me about a deal on Living Social, L'Oréal 3-Step Hair Spa Treatment / Moisture Treatment + Cut + Wash + Blow at Blonde & Brunette Hair Studio @ Paragon. The point is only RM21 each :O so cheap, and they provide really good service. These people are so nice and friendly. Even my friends said so.
Constantly check on your Living Social or Groupon, people. hahahah

I went with my sister. I want to keep my hair at the shoulder length till I get bored of it. 
Not sure whether you notice, I did a little bit changes to my hairstyle. The same old fringes, but changes at the bottom from a curve to one length.

Macadamia Cheesecake Sundae.... Nah, I had a sore throat :( no sundae for me.
I asked my sister to try it out, but she went for the carbonara instead which is totally not worth it.
I tell you, Ben's is a desert shop!!! for me ._.
You'll regret for not trying the MCS >:|

Hair was kinda flat and silky after all the hair ling ling long long. haha 我看起来很斯文 :p
But hair volume is back after a wash. Not sure it's a good thing or a bad thing.
fyi, I did permed my hair before but it didn't last long, it gave me a little hair volume instead, which Im kinda grateful for. The long hair I used to have is totally flat and straight, wouldn't look good with a short hair.

tata for now.
I have to study study study. 
It's a race against time. So much to study, so little time.
I regret D: A2 is so not easy, I guarantee you it's not easy!


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