Monday, March 24, 2014

'Divergent' Movie | Dauntless Outfit

The long awaited 'Divergent' movie finally came into the big screen last week! I cannot tell you how excited I was for the movie.
and yep! I've already seen it last Friday after class with my friends. Wanted to watch a day earlier but I have afternoon classes on Thurs :( boo.

I highly recommended the trilogy last year, on my blog, on twitter, even saying that you'll regret if you didn't read the books because Divergent is going to be a hit in the cinemas. hah and Im also nice enough to email people who are interested and requested for the ebook 0:)
Now, Im going to do the same, I would be more than happy to email you guys the ebook files. Just leave your email in the comment section below or tweet me. I would suggest you to tweet me, because I'm very busy with my upcoming exams which means I won't be checking my blog. I'll then send you the files asap.
btw, just fyi, the third book 'Allegiant' sucks. I couldn't even continue and finish the whole book. I flipped to last few chapters and considered it done. Please be prepare and expect the worst ending, total crap, I almost wanted to stab myself with a knife. grrrrrrr

Is the 'Divergent' movie remakes good? Overall, it wasn't bad. Im not impressed either. I would give it a 7/10. Surely not as good as the book. No movie remakes is as good as the book, that's for sure. It's hard for them to include every details from the book.
If you ask me, 'Catching Fire' is the best movie remakes I've seen so far. Not 'The Hunger Games', but 'Catching Fire'. A big thumbs up. 

I still cannot accept the casting, I'm so upset. Ermahgerd 
In my Divergent blogpost last year, I've already said so. Don't feel like saying it again D: Just... Tris and Tobias are so far away from what I've pictured them. sigh

You can get an idea of what this movie is about from this trailer.
A little more information.
The 5 factions:
Abnegation (The Selfless)
Dauntless (The Brave)
Candor (The Honest)
Amity (The Peaceful)
Erudite (The Intelligent)

More details? Read the books! :D

If I were to choose a faction to be in, I guess it would be Erudite. Because Im definitely not selfless, honest or an all about peace person. I love dauntless, they're so cool! But, I don't think I could survive in those fights. Getting wounds all over myself? uh uh.
Just in case you're wondering, candor really doesn't lie at all, which I don't think anyone would fit into this category. hahahaha you can't run away from lying to a candor, besides, they have truth serum which makes you tell the truth. hah!

My iphone4s front cam
Chyi's iphone5s front cam
Obviously, hers is better.


Java Chip.
Just playing with photoshop

In order to match my Divergent movie day. I attempted to dress like a Dauntless which is black from top to bottom. I figured to add a little contrast to black since it would be quite boring to dress up in all black.
I used the app Split lens, it seems to lower my photo resolution :/

I cannot tell you how much I love the fade effect on VSCO!

Chrissy Costanza had her first livestream on youtube yesterday, it was midnight around here in Malaysia.
Around 1 something in the morning, I was still awake.
I only asked her one question, which is which faction she will choose to be in? The youtube comments were going fast with tons of questions like no kidding.
I was copying, pasting and sending over and over again, hoping she sees it. hahaha and YES! Check out 42:41 and 43:09 Yeeeeeeeep, that was me haha. I know she wouldn't even take notice of me but at least she answered to that question :D
She answered DAUNTLESS!

I spent my time blogging this instead of studying, you see how much it means to me?! and to you?! ♥
I would really appreciate if you guys read, like really read my blogpost rather than just scrolling through the pictures x
Well... it's fine if you don't haha

2 weeks to A2 mock exam. gahhhhh! Goodnight everybody!


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Saturday, March 1, 2014

140226 Weekly Idol: BTOB [ENG] | CN BLUE 'Can't Stop'

English subtitles


CN BLUE 'Can't Stop'
Im so so so in love with this song, fell in love immediately with the song and the MV.
All their comeback stages are just amazing! and how can you say no to 4 ultra good looking gentlemen?
Hence, I MUST share this with you guys. I've been doing revisions lately, this explains why I didn't quite update my blog but please understand :( you can read my dayre for more random daily updates though.

When YongHwa sings 'Can't stop me now'. That voice, omg ♥ I can't even. Can you understand how it feels?! ♥♥♥

MV and MV making. Check out their channel for more.

I found this old photo of me with long hair and shared it on Instagram few days ago.
was kinda shocked looking back at how I look with long hair. It seems different, I know I still have the same old face but it's just somehow... different.


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