Saturday, March 1, 2014

140226 Weekly Idol: BTOB [ENG] | CN BLUE 'Can't Stop'

English subtitles


CN BLUE 'Can't Stop'
Im so so so in love with this song, fell in love immediately with the song and the MV.
All their comeback stages are just amazing! and how can you say no to 4 ultra good looking gentlemen?
Hence, I MUST share this with you guys. I've been doing revisions lately, this explains why I didn't quite update my blog but please understand :( you can read my dayre for more random daily updates though.

When YongHwa sings 'Can't stop me now'. That voice, omg ♥ I can't even. Can you understand how it feels?! ♥♥♥

MV and MV making. Check out their channel for more.

I found this old photo of me with long hair and shared it on Instagram few days ago.
was kinda shocked looking back at how I look with long hair. It seems different, I know I still have the same old face but it's just somehow... different.


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