Friday, May 30, 2014

New Hair Colour | 140525 Day Out w/ College Buddies

A change to start over with a good life.
Not sure whether that's helping. Just self-pampering after being in a war zone. 

I did my hair at the same place where I cut my hair short. Click here for that blogpost where I chop my hair off.
I did not bleach my hair in case you're wondering :)

Here's the address and contact:
Midlands Park Centre 488-D-01-03,Jalan Burma,10350 Penang, Malaysia
Contact: 012-4565599 (Domain)
04-226 9535
Business hour: 11am-7pm (Wed off)

I figured that I should continue with a second post since the post above was quite short and also to show you my hair true colour indoor/outdoor.

Wanted to go Coffee Journey but it was hella occupied. So, we went over to Coffee Bean, which is just next to it. 
Our very bo shu zo but finding something to do life begins.

Kim and ShynYih.


The Three Musketeers ;p

My outfit
Wearing unnie's Air Max 1 Silver Swoosh ← check out her blogpost on this pair of shoes ;)

Went to Gurney next. 
Walked around Toys R Us, toys are so expensive. Like the Barbies we used to play, sigh, I'm sorry that I wasted so much money on that hahaha. We used to have lots of toys, and let's face it, they are useless and most are given out eventually.
I'm sure if you've been there recently, you would find that japanese rabbit kind of toy where they have houses, dressing up and stuff. The price was unreasonable. lol 

I'll just buy my kids a PlayStation or Xbox or Nintendo DS. At least they are something, I guess? haha

Kim went to meet up with her family.
Yih and I went off to Paragon. Ben's Ben's Ben's!!! for macadamia cheesecake sundae! Unfortunately, they have no more cheesecakes *cries 
Opted for Red Velvet Cake instead. It was meh okay :/

 I'm gonna share this with you guys. Something made up by ShynYih spontaneously which I personally really like it. hahaha
发现外面的阳光,找到人生的希望。- ShynYih

More updates to come. Till then. BYEEEEE.


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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

140412 Ben's | Rakuzen | Captain America: The Winter Soldier

This was more than a month ago. hahaha before I buried myself in books.

Here's my outfit. 
and was wearing the Rimmel's Lasting Finish Matte by Kate Moss lipstick in shade 107. Bought it under the recommendation of Zoella ♥ might do a review on this.


Necklace from Forever 21

I'll never miss out my Macadamia Cheesecake Sundae from Ben's. All time fav.

My sis wanted wedges.. so yea. 

and Rakuzen next!

Walked over to gurney for Captain America.
Spidey posters were too amazing not to take any photos.

He's just so hot! hehe although the story line wasn't that good, an okay okay overall.
but I give you 10/10 for your body, face, looks ok? 

I think I'll be blogging my new hair colour next.


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Saturday, May 24, 2014

X-Men: Days of Future Past

Whats up guys. It had been a long time.
Ended A Levels with my last paper Chemistry Paper 5 at precisely 1.45pm on May 21, 2014. Doesn't matter. haha
I don't think I did well :/ with all the mental and emotional distractions. My careless mistakes like omg, especially maths, I can jump down from the building. Nah, I'm just kidding about the jumping part.
My A2 mock exam was terrible lol terrible to a point that it's probably one of my worst exams.
I don't know. Finger crossed my AS results is good enough to help out and get an overall A :( relying on AS more.
Piece of advice. Don't take A Levels unless you're asking for a challenge.
I'm not sure about art subjects, because I took sciences. It's not like you study everything and you can definitely score good grades, because CIE likes twist, expect something that isn't from the book. Bio paper4 I just took was... what can I say, they overestimate our intelligence. I can't even. I don't think studying makes a difference, because you can't even find most answers from the book. *face palm

Anyway, we should enjoy the happy moments right now. Currently slacking at home with all my kdramas. Will do a kdramas recommendation soon.
Watched X-Men: Days of Future Past that night.
It was good!

We still get to see a few minutes of Lucas Till ♥ ahh. so woah, just so woah.

I love love love Quicksilver's character! His scene was the best! I never thought that the ability of speed could be this cool since it's not an offense type of mutation. Travelling faster than the speed of light. Awesome max :D

 Not giving away any spoilers. Remember to always stay till the end for Marvel movies for the after credits scene. 

 Selfie on the way ehehe


Sorry for the semi hiatus guys.
No worries. I'll be updating quite often now.
Stay tuned for more.


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