Monday, June 30, 2014

Basil, Le Bistrot @ Kek Chuan Road, Penang

Had dinner with Gavin and Lay the other day. 
For Gavin to see our faces before he leaves to KL for his studies because we're nice like that :p

Wanted to try their brunch menu but come on it's dinner.

So I went for 
Chicken Breast (RM25)
Poached and pan-seared, comes with hand-out chips, assorted root vegetables and jus.
also comes with really good, creamy and smooth mash potatoes.

 You can tell the chips are good just by looking at it or the fact that Gavin couldn't stop eating it.

Pan-seared Wild Seabass (RM28)
with mash potatoes, poached onions and beurre blanc 
You know what's his caption for his seabass insta photo? pattern much, read below hahaha
My pan seared seabass with creamy mash on the side was simply scrumptious . I'll definitely come back for more of their crispy seabass skin !

 and Nigell Lay's 
Gratin Seafood Pie (RM24)
Assortment of seafood braised with a thick aniseed fish broth topped with a rich buttery mash and finish with Aged Grana Padano Cheese

 You can see the love in Gavin's eyes, the way he looks at Lay. aww
Let me tell you something, he is secretly gay. shh.
Ok he's not.

 RM4.50 for the macarons

 I told them their backs would look better than their faces hahahaha

No tax. No service charge.

Now, food aside.
All the best Gavin! Stop exploring food and eating so much which you probably won't, you'll be eating more instead.
and I also wanted to say that Lay, you did a great job organizing this year's Inti Talent Quest!
Too bad I don't have any photos to blog, because I forgot to bring my camera along, I brought my huge backpack out then I realised it's empty inside .___. hahaha

9, Jalan Kek Chuan, 10300 Georgetown Penang
Business Hour: 11am to 9pm on weekdays (closed on Tues & Wed), 9am to 9pm on weekends
Contact Number: 04-226 5741


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Saturday, June 21, 2014

'March With Us' 2014 Campaign

March With Us is an awareness and fund raising campaign organised by the Public Relations Final Year students of Han Chiang College in collaboration with the Malaysian Resource Centre for Hearing and Speech-Language (MARCHES). 
This campaign revolves around the theme of giving more care and attention to those with special needs.

The objectives of this campaign are to raise awareness among the local community in order to enable early diagnosis, and to educate them about autism. 
The campaign also aims to raise funds for MARCHES to enable them to provide better quality treatment and services to those in need. 

All profits from this campaign will be donated to the Malaysian Resource Centre for Hearing and Speech-Language (MARCHES).

There will be a variety of programmes running on that day. The following is a list of programmes for that day.
1. Colouring contest opened to those aged 7-12 , and Poster design contest for those aged from 13 to 17 years old.
2. Art and craft session
3. Consultation booth by MARCHES
4. Art exhibition and auction by MARCHES
5. Autism experiencing corner
6. Telematch Games
7. Mini Games

The event requires coupon, you could purchase the coupons at their roadshow at Beach Street on the 22nd and 29th of June or you could message them at their Facebook page.

Date : 6/7/2014 
Venue : Penang Times Square 
Time : 10 a.m - 6 p.m

For more information, kindly go to


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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Baekhyun and Taeyeon

Baekhyun and Taeyeon... is official! SM confirms that!
Sending you my blessings! I love them both, I'm so happy for them. They have so much in common! hahahaha
So cute. Sunbae-hoobae, Noona-dongsaeng relationship.
So that's 4 SNSD members down. They definitely bring the boys out and got a boy!

Yes. Never underestimate the power of Baek. Taeyeon was his ideal type but waohhhhh now look at you Baek! haha
Rewind, SeungGi picked Yoona as his ideal type too! happy idol couples.
Cute smirk Baek. hehe

All the BaekYeon moments ♥

I cannot picture Baek with other girls, they're are cute.
but I'm still keeping Baek photocard in my wallet :p


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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

NOIS coffee & retail @ The Palazzia, Jalan Bukit Gambir, Penang

Went to a cafe nearby with Yuan Wei for a chat.
I was in a rush because I just got back from a swim with KeYin. I look like crap, didn't even blow dry my hair hahaha 

In case you have no idea where's The Palazzia, it's located opposite Plaza Ivory. I always thought The Palazzia was kinda dead, not much shop lots and not as lively as Plaza Ivory. 
I never take notice of this particular cafe until yea, that Saturday. haha The funny thing is I used to drive pass The Palazzia everyday to and back from Inti. 

NOIS stands for Navigating Opportunity Into Society. You'll see why later.

I'm glad that I went for a try. A comfy place to chill at, they serve a variety of beverages and also cakes, pastries, sandwiches and pasta. I have the menu below.
They're always striving for improvement, improving the place & updating the menu to give more choices.

They are all nice and friendly people and provide great service.

Click to enlarge.

Bouncy Mud Cake (RM 6.90)
A really moist chocolate cake, very rich indeed.

Classic Chocolate (RM 8)

Caramel Mocha (RM 12)
It tasted just nice, not too sweet but just sweet enough.

Pepperoni & Cheese Melt Sandwich (RM 8.90)
It gave a full-flavoured taste! Just that it might be a little small for some people.


They offer free retail lot!
Contact them for more info.

Hair was a mess hahaha

They're currently having this buy 1 free 1 promotion. 
a promo on living social so get it fast!

On a side note, I rate a 10/10 for the parking! It's so easy to find a lot. haha

97-G-5, The Palazzia, Jalan Bukit Gambir, 11700, Gelugor, Penang. 
Business Hour: 12.30pm to 1am 
Contact Number: 016-462 2109

Do pay a visit!


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140615 Saturday Swim

It was a well spent Saturday. Spontaneously went for a swim with KeYin aka Sabrina and her sisters. Yay
I haven't really been into a pool for ages, I don't own any swimsuit of my current size hahaha so I borrowed her extra swimsuit. Thank you. 
I probably should go hunt for one now. Although I'm not quite a pool or beach person but who knows? I might need it. haha

Hands in the water. Look distorted though haha
My purple nail polish chipped off a little. 

Will do an update on NOIS coffee & retail later at night! Till then


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Friday, June 13, 2014

Short Hair Inspirations

If you're following my Instagram, you probably would know by now that I chopped my hair shorter, just above my shoulder.
I wasn't satisfied with the hair length I had a week ago so why not try a shorter hair cut.
I'm really into short hair right now, I'm keeping it this way!

Short hair gives you the attitude and a stronger look. However, girls with short neck shouldn't go for a hair cut above your shoulder. While girls with longer neck, I say go for it. 

These gorgeous people totally pull off the look.  

Go Joon Hee/ Ko Joon Hee
She is everything I want to be ♥ In case you don't know, she's an actress, also a fashionista. Tall and beautiful from head to toe.
Korea has the best makeup artist and hairdresser. Their natural makeup and their natural voluminous perfect hair. 
She has found her perfect hairstyle. I prefer her with short hair so much more! I think everyone agrees.

Tara's Ji Yeon
Yes, It's Ji Yeon! You just have to admit that she looks freakin good with short hair! But as you can see, their hair is blown or curled. It's kinda flat if you don't set it.

Jin Se Yeon
She went short for the drama Doctor Stranger which I'm currently watching for Lee Jong Suk. hehe
There's not much photos. A ladylike look when she has that long silky hair, and an edgy look now which suits her role in the drama.

Karlie Kloss
3 koreans so far, now here's a Victoria's Secret Angel- Karlie Kloss.
Still sexayyyy with confidence!

Evangeline Yan
Not to forget our local blogger! The twins. Evangeline Yan from
I really like her, her hair, her looks. These are her older photos with a shorter hair length. She looks amazing right?!
You should really check out Duo Gigs! Like seriously, their fashion, love it!


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