Friday, June 6, 2014

May Favourites 2014

I'm sure you have seen a lot of monthly favourites on Youtube. I have been wanting to do this too, so here I am. I have included 3 of these drugstore makeup. Have been thinking should I do it in my favourites or another review with swatches blogpost, I decided to do both. haha so you may see something almost similar with more details in some of my future blogposts.

Rimmel Kate Moss Lasting Finish Matte Lipstick 107
My current go-to red lipstick. Zoella has mentioned this lipstick quite a lot in her vids, even in her monthly favourites, I finally got my hands on this last month! with the help of my sis's colleague, got it in US. Sadly, we don't have Rimmel in Malaysia.
It's a deep plummy red with a matte finish. Very pigmented and has a fruity scent which some people may or may not like it. I can't find a reason to hate it.
I wore it in one of my blogposts here.

Wet N Wild Megalast Lip Color in (Pinkerbell 968)
This lipstick range is quite popular as a dupe to higher end lipsticks as they have a really good colour payoff. This is a neon pink lipstick with a semi-matte finish. If I'm not going for red lippie, I would go for this lipstick most of the time. 
It has great pigmentation and lasting power. The major downside is the packaging, it stains the cap. But for a price like this (I got it for RM16), I don't ask much, I don't mind about the packaging at all. RM16 for a product like this, more than thank you!

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle Treatment Concealer in (Medium)
Although we have Maybelline here, but we don't see this particular product here, why aren't they bringing in this?!
It has became my favourite under eye concealer. I'm in the shade medium. It does not cake and has an amazing coverage.

It's a Game Boy Advance emulator for ios. It was taken down a few weeks ago due to Nintendo sending out a warning to the developer, something like that, good thing I installed it just a few days before the site was shut down hahaha.
Now it's back! go to this site and follow the instructions to install.
If you did not know, I spent my primary school life with pokemon, day and night in front of my Game Boy. hahaha I still have my Game Boy Advance SP with me, but I have no idea where's my charger.

I'm playing on my iPad, currently into Pokemon Light Platinum. It's a pokemon hack game, a remake of Pokemon Ruby. It has pokemons from other regions, new leaders and elite four and stuff. It first takes place at Zhery region, after you're done with Zhery League, you'll ride a boat to a new region-Lauren.
I fought till the 6th gym in Lauren and stop playing for awhile now. Because there's a bug in this game, you can't fly to certain town/city, I'm not okay with that. I have to walk from city to city, nooooooohhhhhh. It ruins my mood to walk ;(
I still have the urge to continue though :/ a really good companion and distraction from negative thoughts.
Gyarados always in my team in every gen. Charizard is my starter pokemon. I still stick with Dragonite. 
I have never tried Lucario and Espeon till now, they are just amazing. hohoho
Chimchar is more like my HM slave. hahah (You get to choose a starter pokemon of each gen as the game proceed) I wanted to save this spot for an electric pokemon but I couldn't find any that I truly like. I taught Gyarados and Dragonite electric type move anyway.
I used to play with Jolteon, Lanturn and Ampharos but I don't feel like using them anymore. Electivire is strong but it's kinda uh.. not good looking, I like good looking ones. haha Maybe Zapdos? Raikou? I think I get to catch them only after I finish the Lauren League -.- I don't really like including legendary in my team though. Yea, I'm weird. So run.
I can use cheat codes, but it wouldn't be fun anymore.

Purple iPad 2 Cover
I got this from taobao, I used to have one in red, but it's a little tattered. So I bought a new one in purple! :D
I love the colour and texture, not to mention it matches my gba4ios skin colour and current nail colour. hahaha
It's a smart cover. Wake on open. Sleep on close.
I bought it from this link. It's exactly the same as the picture shown in the link. Did not manage to take a good photo of it so I'm showing you the photos from the link.

Call me late but I was 100% determined not to play or even try this game while I was taking my A2 exams. haha I was really bored last week and this game hits me, so I downloaded and started playing. Oh boy, I was addicted to this for days and achieved 4096 only after a few days I had started. Then I decided it's time to stop and so I did. It's kinda unhealthy for me, one game would take a long time, I spent a lot of time playing 2048 each day.
The level of addiction was hiong to the point that I feel like merging similar objects together. haha especially cars on the road, I wanted to merge those cars driving on the same lane!!!! HAHAHAH that's bad.

As much as I love this game, this has to stopppppppppp.
Even ChanYeol plays this. hahah he posted this game on insta twice. His record was 8192, crazily awesome ChanYeol!
 I have made it to 50k after that. and yea, that's it. Byeeee 2048. 

"Unconditionally" - Katy Perry (Alex Goot COVER)
Although this is supposed to be a June thing but I have to share this out! Please, get your best earphone and pluck it in. His voice, the beat, background music, everything. Perfect.
I have read some comments that they don't like it, I understand people may have different liking and opinions. But, I really hope you would take a little time of yours to listen.
Subscribe to him! He has always been one of my fav :) ♥

Struck with insomnia these days, my brain not taking a rest late night when it is supposed to. Hence, I got so sick. Flu and sore throat, ain't getting better :(
I'll write again soon. Goodbye bye bye byeeeeeee!


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  1. Chia Lynn, where did you bought your Wet N Wild Megalast Lip Colour?

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