Friday, June 13, 2014

Short Hair Inspirations

If you're following my Instagram, you probably would know by now that I chopped my hair shorter, just above my shoulder.
I wasn't satisfied with the hair length I had a week ago so why not try a shorter hair cut.
I'm really into short hair right now, I'm keeping it this way!

Short hair gives you the attitude and a stronger look. However, girls with short neck shouldn't go for a hair cut above your shoulder. While girls with longer neck, I say go for it. 

These gorgeous people totally pull off the look.  

Go Joon Hee/ Ko Joon Hee
She is everything I want to be ♥ In case you don't know, she's an actress, also a fashionista. Tall and beautiful from head to toe.
Korea has the best makeup artist and hairdresser. Their natural makeup and their natural voluminous perfect hair. 
She has found her perfect hairstyle. I prefer her with short hair so much more! I think everyone agrees.

Tara's Ji Yeon
Yes, It's Ji Yeon! You just have to admit that she looks freakin good with short hair! But as you can see, their hair is blown or curled. It's kinda flat if you don't set it.

Jin Se Yeon
She went short for the drama Doctor Stranger which I'm currently watching for Lee Jong Suk. hehe
There's not much photos. A ladylike look when she has that long silky hair, and an edgy look now which suits her role in the drama.

Karlie Kloss
3 koreans so far, now here's a Victoria's Secret Angel- Karlie Kloss.
Still sexayyyy with confidence!

Evangeline Yan
Not to forget our local blogger! The twins. Evangeline Yan from
I really like her, her hair, her looks. These are her older photos with a shorter hair length. She looks amazing right?!
You should really check out Duo Gigs! Like seriously, their fashion, love it!


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  1. Chialynn~~i love ur short hair very much leh...but I have no confidence to cut it short~haha

    1. Thank you! :D You should try if you wanted a change, hair can grow, no worries. haha