Saturday, July 5, 2014

Sleek MakeUp Blush by 3 in Lace | Review & Swatches

First, I have to say I did not regret one bit purchasing this blush palette. 
As you can see it's a blush trio and each colours are so so so beautiful and stunning in their own way. 

I got it from Luxola for RM53. For 20g of product, absolutely worth the purchase. I highly recommend this to everyone out there, every colours give a natural flush to your skin. I cannot say which I love most because I love them all depending on occasions and outfits.

Why I love it. Why you should too.
1. It's so highly pigmented, a little goes a long way and I mean it. If you want a subtle look, just pick up a small amount will do. 
2. It has amazing lasting power, they last for a good 6 hours before it starts fading. The shimmer shade lasts a little longer. Even if it fades, it fades only a little, I can go all day without touching up.
3. Easy to pick up the pigment, easy to blend and buildable, you can build up the colour to your liking.

It comes in a sleek black palette and a mirror on the lid. Classy. Size of an iPhone 4, just slightly shorter.
You can find the name for all 3 blushes at the back of the palette.

I edited all shades as close as possible to their true colour.
because I read lots of reviews before I decided to grab one and pictures shown are in lighter/brighter shades so I was kinda shocked to see such intense colour.
But fear not, they all come out beautifully.

CROCHET: A matte warm peachy/coral tone.

GUIPURE: A peachy pink with golden shimmer.

CHANTILLY: A matte bright pinkish red. You may think this shade is scary, but if you pick up only a small amount with your brush and blend it out. woah it gives you the amazing flush to your skin. 

Blush by 3 also comes in other shades:- Sugar, Flame, Lace, Pink Sprint, Pumpkin, Sweet Cheeks, Pink Lemonade, Californ.I.A 

Luxola has discounts and promotions going on almost everyday.
It took only 2 or 3 days to get to Penang.

By the way, I have a SGD20 (RM48) Gift Card earned from my last purchase. It has a code on it, just enter the code when you're checking out.
I just realised the code can be used over again with a different account, so any of you could just use it.
*code on picture above

It requires a minimum purchase of SGD60 (RM144) to redeem.
I'll do the maths for you. With the gift card, you're able to purchase SGD60 (RM144) worth of anything from Luxola by just paying SGD40 (RM96). 
Free delivery for RM40 and above in Malaysia so it's free if you're in Malaysia, for other countries, you could refer to their site.
Expires on July 31.

I would suggest Sleek for makeup because they're amazing, their lipsticks are very pigmented too.
and Zoeva for their good and affordable brushes.


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