Thursday, July 17, 2014

Starbucks Banana & Mocha Frappuccino | Ben's Berrific Sundae

Tried out the banana + mocha frap.
It tasted just like banana, holy. but but but where's the mocha?!
I think I saw them threw in two bananas, that's a lot of banana :O

 You should know by now Macadamia Cheesecake Sundae (RM15) from Ben's @ Paragon is my all time fav dessert. My pure love for you. hahaha
Tried out the Berrific Sundae (RM15) with YeeLiang for the first time yesterday.
Scrumptious dessert. Berries, strawberries, chocolate sauce. Dang.
Still, Macadamia Cheesecake Sundae the best! 
Did you guys notice that the price rises?
I remember it used to be RM13, and it's RM15 now :(

I hope you guys don't mind that sometimes I just wanted to do a short blogpost with maybe a few photos and thoughts. 
Maybe even photos I took with my phone. A direct upload and update. Definitely not bad quality capalang photos.
You hardly see a photo taken with my phone from me on my blog and instagram. I only tweet them. So a small changes now.
But I gotta admit that smartphone nowadays can take good photos too. (like the starbucks pic above, maybe not really good but acceptable.)


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  1. Thanks for sharing on Ben's. I should try the sundae too! :-)