Friday, July 18, 2014

The Safe Room @ Campbell Street, Penang

Continuing from the Coffee Smith post. 
We headed to The Safe Room hoping for Liquid Nitrogen Ice-cream but they were out of nitrogen :(
Some said that it's overrated, some said it's good. As for me, I don't know! *cries

We did stay on for awhile. Did not order much but I did photograph the place, quite a place to photograph :D

I absolutely love picture frames for deco. I'm so getting some to decorate my future dorm. hehe



 White Chocolate Raspberry Cake (RM13.90)
Soft delicious crepe cake. A little something for Kim to blow her candle :)

Kim's Mocha (RM9.90)
She commented it lao beh (not good) haha

A game of UNO

Looking good retarded.

42, Lebuh Campbell, 10100, Georgetown Penang, Malaysia
Business Hour: 12pm to 11pm on weekdays (closed on Mon), 12pm to 12am on weekends
Contact Number: 016-5212860


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  1. Out of LN2? It's just like KFC saying that they are out of chicken. :-p