Wednesday, August 20, 2014

67 Coffee Mansion @ Irving Road, Penang | Results Day

Holla! Here's something after awhile.
I spent a morning with YuanWei and Lester last week. We don't meet up often or talk often but it's nice to do both once in awhile :)
They're nice enough to company me for the big yet not so big.. day as written in the title above. haha

I personally love the interior of this place. A good interior is quite important these days especially when there are so many cafe choices out there. People don't just take food into account anymore. The interior design, food presentation and quality are equally important.
Stop blabbing and on to the next point. haha

Pattern #1

On to the food. The name may sound a little awkward though. haha
Porky Sunshine (RM12.90)
Pork sausage, vegetables, bread and sunny side up

Mushy Piggy (RM11.90)
Poach egg, mushroom, bacon, vegetables and bread
I honestly prefer this better because although Porky Sunshine was good but it was just boring.
hahahahaha the name LOL I was embarrassed making the order, I swear. hahahah  

"One Porky Sunshine please" hahahah

Please don't mind the ugly oily hair, I did not wash my hair that morning. haha

I wasn't nervous the night before until I read so many tweets of my friends being nervous, which made me nervous. Oh boy.
As it draws closer, I got worried. Because tbh, I don't think I did that well for my A2. I'll always remember that period when everything came crashing down at the same time. I had been through quite a lot I guess, you have no idea, people only tend to see the surface. Stress, depress, sorrow and all sorts of negative emotions. The hardest time of my life in these 19 years. 
People who were there for me and gave me words of encouragement. Thank you :)
Anyway, I'm glad life got better now, I think ._.

Here's 我可爱的朋友们
They were trying hard to distract me from thinking about my results and checking my phone for the time hahaha fyi, results were available online at 1.01PM here in Malaysia.

Sorry Panai. I had to. hahaha :p

YuanWei was so into taking pics and we were to fake candid for the camera. oh my gosh haha

His kitten pluggy...
I look at the time, 1.02PM. I had my username and password keyed in before that and all I have to do is to click the login button. haha!
I was surprised at first because it turned out to be a lot better, it's probably because I pictured the worst possible outcome so I don't get disappointed if it turns out bad. hahaha Not revealing much, I like to keep my grades and percentile scores to my friends and family only.
But I can tell you guys it's good and I'm quite happy with it, they're happy for me too. yay
My A Levels journey ends here. 
Oh, and if anyone is going to IMU or you're already there, I guess I'll be seeing you :)

No. 67, Jalan Irving, 10400, Georgetown, Penang. 
Business Hours: 10am to 12am from Sunday to Thursday, 11am to 1am from Friday to Saturday. 
Contact Number: 04-226446367 
Coffee Mansion Facebook Page

InnJoe came by later on. We both went off to Paragon.
BEN'S! Here for my fav dessert. I had the last Macadamia Cheesecake Sundae, so lucky. hoho

Super Junior-M, models for Tony Moly. Went to check out Tony Moly, they have some good stuff at a reasonable price, so tempting. Still, I gotta read some reviews before I lay my hands on something.

Thank you InnJoe for accompanying me to shop around. 
I bought some nice clothes and hence I'm happy.
That sums up my day. hehe 
Love you guys! x


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  1. I guess you guys are passing the camera around. :-p

    Anyway, nice cafe there. :-)