Friday, August 8, 2014

WingKeh's Birthday | Italiannies Pasta, Pizza & Vino | Guardians of the Galaxy

A late birthday celebration for WingKeh. I mean it's better to be late than never haha.
Almost a 2 hours shopping with her while PehKhim and WanYan prepare her little surprise.
I bought myself a silver chain necklace from Cotton On for only RM6. Crazy right? You should go take a look if you're looking for one :)

This was hilarious, they wrapped her eyes with WanYan's jacket. The whole thing was a struggle with people staring hahahaha

Here it is. Balloons with our photos on! ♥

Me,WanYan, PehKhim, WingKeh

 Aglio Olio (RM19.90)
Had a bite of the Aglio Olio and it was too oily.

Quattro Platter (RM38.90)
The fried lemon cheesy balls were kinda weird in a way that they were too sour.

The food was sort of a disappointment.   
Should have gone for the pizza instead! Oh god.

WanYan had to leave early so goodbye :(
I have to say she smiles so differently after she had her braces on haha

PeyShan joined us after work 
then we pretty much selfie with PehKhim's phone for half an hour lol

We were joined by MinYi later on and had only Mcd for dinner :( Because it's the only thing that is fast and we had a movie to catch. Sudden crave for mcd choc sundae now, oops ._. DELIVERY PLS!
Guardians of the Galaxy 
Personally, I didn't quite like it. I mean the film was great but it's just not something I like.
A mix of comedy and action but a little boring to me :/ Other marvel movies are much better :)
The lady beside me was laughing and talking throughout the movie, some parts aren't even funny, I swear -.- and she was there laughing.

w/ MinYi darling

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