Saturday, September 27, 2014

140830 PeyShan's Farewell

I never write a blogpost on time, do I? sigh deeply one month late hahahaha

I have been quite busy recently because I just started a new life in KL.
I don't mind living alone, but living alone for studies? *criessssss 
Have been taking a 4 months break after finishing my A Levels. The thought of going back to school makes me really really sad. REALLY.
I'll write more bout that soon. 

At least it's a related post. A lot have left for their studies, PeyShan left to Sarawak. Although it's still part of Malaysia but it seems far ._.

That day, we had a last minute change of plan to Blue Reef because WingKeh had a drama or something to watch in Straits Quay.
Nothing much to write. Just a simple meet up with them after a long time before each of us separate and go our own ways.

Blue Reef


PeyShan and PhooiFun

PeyShan and PehKhim

PeyShan and I


PehKhim and I
OOTD hahahaha
Taken by WanYan, which I'm quite satisfied with because I look good ahaha
Potential friend photographer haha because usually only my mum and sis know how to handle this bulky camera. Now I'll be living without them and I wonder who will take over this important job. If not it'll be tripod and I against the world.

PeyShan and WanYan

WanYan's Polaroid 

Got these from PehKhim's phone ♥

tbh, I like my coloured hair more. I think I look better with that rather than jet black :/
and I'm very uncertain with my hair length now. I cut it shorter because I don't like it this long, but I don't think I look best with either this or that. ugh :(

Every time when I thought of how tired and sad life would be alone here, kpop artists are my motivation. Because when you think of the life they had as a trainee before they became a star, they definitely been through much harder times. Their hostels are terrible, the stress they faced for evaluation, not to mention their hardcore training and for some, after so much training, they might not even get to debut. So yea, be grateful. haha


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  1. All the best and have a nice journey ahead in KL. :-)