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A-Level Academic Award Presentation 2014 @ INTI International College Penang

 29 August 2014

I'll start off with a picture of my outfit of the day 

Here we are. Back to Inti once more with gloryyy. hahaha
Congratulations peepo!!!
The serious parking issue we had here. Had been circling the basement car park for quite amount of time, not a single empty lot and no one was leaving *cries 
drove down to 'dungeon' and managed to find a small empty lot and squeeze into it :(

We were served with buffet lunch. Unfortunately, everything was cold ._. leaving them too long under the aircon? 

All done with the food. Next!
Lo and behold. Presenting to you our top 3 students *applaud

 This is too cute I had to post. His mother is so cute! ahaha I don't know him personally, wasn't from the same intake nor class. I do know his name, Jonathan.  

On the left: Dr. Michael Yap (the principal) and on the right: FuYong
*their best buddies moments* 

Former Penang Free students

 Former Chung Ling students
Look at all their faces hahahaha
The photographers were taking a long time, they probably smile till their faces go numb lol

Just to be clear. I was randomly taking some photos. It might or it might not include some of  you people.
No hard feelings kay. And if you want your photo to be removed, tell me anytime kay :)

ChianChyi, this is for you. hehe

Me with my bad hair day


A friend that I'm really proud of. Maybe I didn't mention him much on my social sites, but he has always been a good friend of mine.
My 2013 study buddy/'teacher', not so much in 2014. tsk tsk all in all, he's a good person, always willingly to teach, selflessly sharing knowledge and yet not a socially impaired nerd. haha 
I believe you'll be a great doctor saving lives of people and being all awesome possum. Woots
I'm so nice writing good stuff about him 0:)
If you ever lansi and forget about me, your head will be chopped off. But it's really hard to say when time passes. hahaha maybe it'll be another way round :p

Then, we have our individual photo session for them to promote INTI (without paying us *sob)

If you ask me, I did not regret my choice of selecting INTI :)
Just when you think people in high school couldn't get any weirder and you've seen them all, there're more in college, you'll be exposed to all kinds of people. However, like anywhere, there're always nice people, people you can click with.
P.S. A lot of people have found their other half in college. hahaha

Like most schools, there're nice and good lecturers (I truly respect them) and the not-so-good in teaching or naive lecturers. We have one very naive lecturer and she, yes a she, doesn't even deserved to be talked about, a complete joke, a disgrace to INTI. Good thing I switched to another class after a semester with her. hehe
Do not worry if your lecturer isn't that good, you can request to change to other classes if you want to, you also get to evaluate them at the end of semester and there's more than one lecturers for a particular subject, you may approach them for questions. Or you could always ask for help from your friends.

My favourite spot would be the library, air-conditioned, so comfy, I like it when it's quiet. I spent most of my time there when I don't have classes.
Basically, you can do whatever you want, sleep, eat, study. Although there's the no food or drink signs, no one cares except the new kids. I was once the new kid haha, slowly, you'll learn that it's not a rule. Freedommmm. Just make sure you don't dirty the place though.
You could even go to an empty classroom with the aircon on to study with complete silence. No kidding. Very comfy. comfy comfy.

We have a mini mart located on the first floor, provided me snacks and lunch throughout the days in school. The mini mart uncle is one of the nicest person you'll meet in INTI.

INTI toilets are pretty much always clean. The toilets are constantly being cleaned.
Every year, the school gets a brand new clean look with new paints. Some years with weird colours ._. (I've been to the school before I started A Levels because my elder sister studied there)

I think I wrote too much...


 Kevin so happy ahhhhhhhhh

Should have tied my hair :( it's so flat 

 Woei Ming. Sorry. I didn't realise your eyes were closed, but you look really cute! ehehe

 Happy NingZheng is happy

I don't have group photos! :( I'm the one being taken instead of the one taking, so yea.

 on the way down to the 'dungeon'

Our so called 'secret garden' outside. Seriously, why did we come up with names like this? Naming our parking lots...
 The 'dungeon'. It's actually darker, just because I'm standing at the corner, there's light shining in from the outside.

When I got home


I don't even understand why am I hash tagging -_-


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