Sunday, September 28, 2014

Back to School: Start of Something New

I have a few soft toys with me as a companion hahahaha

Same country in a different state. Leaving home behind T_T Beginning my new life here in IMU.
Orientation tmr, I hope everything goes smoothly.

Alone now, in my pajamas ._. My room is larger than what I'd expected, that is good. My housemates seem nice, I haven't met them all or talk much to them yet :/ I don't know if I'm good at this. Finger crossed. I went out with my parents, aunt and uncle for the past few days, stocking up things and eating good food.

sigh sigh sigh. School. why oh why. I wanna cry for the fact that I have to go back to school to study for another 4 years. It's like high school all over again D: ok ok, be optimistic.

Now, the additional frustration of living alone. House chores, the need to settle my own food (for someone who doesn't have the slightest idea of how to cook besides maggi mee, it's a problem, but I can live with only bread, but then again it's not healthy), no family to turn to when I'm sad.

Did I mention that for the past few months of nua-ing at home has turn me into a big fat bump. My butt and thigh is comparable to that of an elephant -.- the consequences of sitting too much in front of my laptop.

My goal:
1. Live a happy life and graduate. Yes happy, I'm the worst at coping with exam stress, my temper and mood are at their worst when it comes to exam. hahaha but it's also stress that push me to achieve those grades. It's probably because I'm always kinda last minute ._. my kind of study: lengan lengan ttm then study like crazy when exam comes. So, to get rid of all the negativity. It's either study on a daily basis (which I never managed to do that) or simply study just to pass the test (I don't feel good doing that)

2. To exercise and lose all those fats! ugh. Don't ever stop moving around during your long break, walk around, don't just sit there like what I did ._. you'll regret it.


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