Friday, September 19, 2014

Kdrama: My Lovely Girl | Pictures

The highly anticipated kdrama is finally here with 2 episodes. It's very good!
Starring Rain, Krystal, MyungSoo aka L and Cha YeRyun.
Bunch of my favourite idols and good looking peopleeee yayyyy
Rain, Krystal and L are the main reasons I'm watching. Rain with his charisma, I have always been a big fan of Krystal and I like watching MyungSoo in dramas, his pretty face, so so so endao ♥ he's the face of Infinite, of course he's that good looking hehe

The drama is actually good, not just because of all these good looking people. I'm not that shallow ._.
Honestly, it's the only drama I feel like continuing now. Even Iron Man/ Blade Man starring Lee Dong Wook wasn't that good in my opinion, after finishing 3 episodes, I don't think I'll continue. It's a little boring.

Sharing all these pretty photos and gif with you. Mostly Rain, Krystal and MyungSoo (L), I love them heh
Some people criticize Krystal's new hair but it's obvious they gave her this bangs so she looks a lot more innocent to match the role. We all know Krystal without bangs looks like a cool ice princess.



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  1. I am enjoying it as well. rain us doing a great job. Episode 4 of Blade Man was really well acted. I almost gave up on it. However 4 was the best so far.