Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Giver | Book & Movie

Watched the movie yesterday and wasn't disappointed! :D
It's another dystopian book, published in 1993. Imagine that! And some people are saying that it copies the idea of divergent. Hello? The Divergent book is published in 2011. Learn your numbers.
Yes. Both are dystopian books but the story are totally different and unique and I do love them both.

Like every books made into movies, there'll be differences. The differences for this one don't affect the story at all, the movie conveys more emotions instead because of the relationships. I see people complaining and were upset how the movie ruins the book, but to me I find it okay. The movie and book are both good in their own ways. The concept and idea are all there.

If people complain about this, why I don't see people complaining about Percy Jackson?! That was the worst book to film adaptation. People who did not read the book series are like omg so good. Well, the book is a billion times better and the film is just using the concept and turn it into a whole different cheap plot -.- sry, I get really pissed every time I thought of Percy Jackson movie because I love the books so much.

'The Giver' is shown in black and white in the beginning, don't get confused, it'll later on transition to colour.
Spoiler alert. For your understanding if you haven't read the book. It's a colourless community, because they strives for sameness regardless of race, everything is same so people won't have choices and bad things won't happen. To know more and what's 'The Giver' all about, read the book or watch the movie! In the book, we only get to find out it's colourless all along until we reached the climax, I was shocked to death.

I feel sad because it's not as popular as some other movies based on books, it might be due to the lack of advertising.

Taylor Swift is in the movie playing as Rosemary for all you swifties out there.
Looking forward to The Maze Runner next, bad writer, good story. Hence, the movie might be good.


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