Thursday, September 11, 2014

Youth Move The Street 2014 (YMTS 2014)

I don't know where to start with this. haha go to this link Youth Move The Street 2014 for more information about this.
It's a past event, I should blog about this earlier but I couldn't find the time to write :( I apologized.

Youth Move The Street 2014 (YMTS 2014) is a project aim to promote dance as a healthy activities as well as lifestyle for the youths.

It doesn't matter you can dance or not. In fact, it's an opportunity for those who never had the chance to learn.

I did participate in the video filming but did not manage to join them at the YMTS Carnival (which I might add it's a huge event at Beach Street on the 7 of September) because I had to attend a scholarship interview in kl.

Yee Liang invited us to join her and form a group of 9. Here's our video. It's a simple dance, don't expect too much but what's important is we all had fun in the process :D never thought we would dance together again. Most are my high school seniors and they are the people who led me into dancing in front of a big audience. That's where I start developing more confidence on stage.

The weather was terrible, it was drizzling while we were filming, the floor was wet, we weren't at our finest condition. I sort of am chio at one point, because of the squeaky noise our shoes made against the wet floor. hahahaha it's hella funny, or is it just me ._. you couldn't hear it of course, it was edited out.

Check out the other teams too from the same YouTube account.
I think I look weird in that makeup, my eyes look a bit longer and sharper at the end ._. very china-ish. haha I'm the one in yellow just so you know ._.

This was right after filming and eating. As you can see, the lipstick on me and Liang wore off partially and it looks pretty bad haha 

Blogging about 'The Giver' now and will be up soon. 


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