Sunday, October 19, 2014

Cut Out Dresses; Style Thoughts

Today, I would like to write about cut out dresses.
The cut out dress is one of the items that is popular and versatile to styled with.

Instead of going for the more common dresses, spice up your wardrobe with stunning designs of cut out dresses for women.

There are 3 different ways a woman can flaunt their cut out dresses looking amazing with various stylish ideas. 

1. Go Bare

Just wear the cut out dresses are they are.
Women can opt from the various cut out designs to enhance and show their body curves where they want to. It is definitely a look that allow women to make a bold statement with their outfits. It can be sexy yet subtle at the same time.

Really loving how Jessica Stein wears her cut out dress and looking great below without any other eye snatching accessories.

2. Pair up with a Cardigan

You may also layer a cut out dress with a short or long cardigan.
It will definitely tone down the outfit a little but yet does not lose it's sophisticated look.
In colder places, styling up with a cardigan is also the way to go.

3. Layering with a loose knit

This is one of my favourite pairing up of outfits. Knits will never go out of fashion.
It is suitable for those that prefer not to show so much skin and yet still want to be sweet and girly.

Head over to ZALORA's website right now as they offer a wide range of cut out dresses designs online from both local and international brands such as Kitschen and MNG!


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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Away From Home

Helloooooooooo! After two weeks of school, I finally manage to squeeze a little time to blog.
I don't know where to start again. One thing for sure, I HATE SCHOOL. I'm 19 and I still sound like 12.

Story of a complain queen/loser. I have so many complains that I would need 24 hours to finish it and as for the loser part, let me tell you. We have the formal dress code here, so picture me in ugly formal wear everyday *cries I look a million times terrible at the end of a long day due to my oily skin and oily hair. What makes it worse is my dark yellowish skin tone. I swear I look so friggin horrible.
Some people do look good in formal but I look absolutely ugly in them -.- I do think 75% of how I look depends on how I dress myself up because I'm not born with a pretty face nor own a hot body. Unlike Ming Xi, she looks good in everything!

I do own and wear a lot of shirts, but I don't match them with slacks or trousers. They just don't go together, you would end up like an aunty or nerd instead (that's me) especially with no makeup on.
No denim, no shorts, no short skirts. Sweaters are allowed... I think, I wore it once. You could wear a tshirt with a cardigan on, as long as you have an outerwear. However, I did not bring any outerwear with me. Hooray -__- my luggage was quite full and I'm concerned whether my closet is huge enough to carry all my clothes (only a two doors closest fyi)
For guys, they definitely look better in formal, so much neater.
I'm still not 100% sure what's the yes and no outfits, they say it'll be fine as long as you don't go through the front door where the guard is looking out, take another door (which is further) you guys know how much I hate walking outdoors.

No sport shoes, that's the most comfortable footwear on earth, while ballerina flats are the worst. Never own them, never gonna buy them, ditch them. I wear a preppy black shoes with a strap over it to school, I have a love hate feelings for it because I could look really nerdy in them sometimes. I don't have much shoes over here. I brought only a pair of sneakers hahaha the red nike, so I would be wearing the same shoes for quite some time.
Enough of these dress code complains hahaha. So far that is one complain and I might have written too much.

School has been tiring. Even the one week orientation went on from day to night, night as in 9pm-11pm kind of night. After the first week, guess who got food poisoning? yep, ME. It was 4 something in the morning and I threw up on the floor -.- genius. I threw up even more at the sight of my vomit ewwww. It was cheese tomato rice I had for dinner, imagine how disgusting is that.
Being alone, far away from home, having a nausea yet I have to clean that up. Gone back to bed, but there it goes again... Till morning before I visited the doctor, I threw up 4 times in total. Threw up one last time later at night after seeing the doc, so make that 5 times. I felt so tired and weak, I feel like I'd experienced the worst possible scenario of living alone.

I don't even wanna start how's school lecture going, I might end up with a 1000 words essay.

I have InnJoe here with me YAY. Friends since primary school then we got closer in college. Too bad we're in different courses. She's doing medicine while I'm doing pharmacy.

They have a pool downstairs which I won't be using haha

 Chores. boohoo. I hate ironing clothes.
InnJoe as a companion while I'm ironing hahahaha


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