Sunday, October 19, 2014

Cut Out Dresses; Style Thoughts

Today, I would like to write about cut out dresses.
The cut out dress is one of the items that is popular and versatile to styled with.

Instead of going for the more common dresses, spice up your wardrobe with stunning designs of cut out dresses for women.

There are 3 different ways a woman can flaunt their cut out dresses looking amazing with various stylish ideas. 

1. Go Bare

Just wear the cut out dresses are they are.
Women can opt from the various cut out designs to enhance and show their body curves where they want to. It is definitely a look that allow women to make a bold statement with their outfits. It can be sexy yet subtle at the same time.

Really loving how Jessica Stein wears her cut out dress and looking great below without any other eye snatching accessories.

2. Pair up with a Cardigan

You may also layer a cut out dress with a short or long cardigan.
It will definitely tone down the outfit a little but yet does not lose it's sophisticated look.
In colder places, styling up with a cardigan is also the way to go.

3. Layering with a loose knit

This is one of my favourite pairing up of outfits. Knits will never go out of fashion.
It is suitable for those that prefer not to show so much skin and yet still want to be sweet and girly.

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