Monday, February 9, 2015

Back From Hiatus

Hello! I suck for not writing anything in months, I thought of posting something but I don't even have the time to do so, no kidding. Yea the writing wouldn't take long compared to having to go through and working on the pictures I've taken.
It's only semester 1 and it's a hella stressful and hectic semester :( That level of stress... ... I just wanna cry T_T
My time is only enough for 3 things. It's either study/any school related stuff, or sleep (not even a sufficient amount of sleep), or out for some fresh air. And maybe a little kdrama and english series sometimes but not so much, so I'm catching up with my kdrama one by one now. haha

Anyway, just ended my semester 1 and I'm back in Penang. Sleeping a lot since then. HAHA My goal is to blog everything that I should have blog in the past few months.
Despite all the difficulties, I'm definitely grateful for the people I've met ❤

Signing off with a cute little photo of me. ok. I wasn't a cute good looking kid. but at least I pose for ootd since young. hahaha!


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