Monday, July 27, 2015

Tids and Bits

Hello. Where do I start?
I think I went missing for a long time, not only my blog but from other social network as well.

Doing Pharmacy in IMU wasn't easy, at least for me it wasn't. It's definitely the toughest education phase. When I thought I could handle A levels I could probably handle everything. hah hah joke's on me. You actually learnt so much more in a semester in university than what you have learnt in one and a half years of A levels. The education receives in diff university varies, so it depends.

If you thought what we do is just studying for exam, you're so wrong T_T
In fact, what we have in mind most of the time are due date, due dates, due dates. and then we have pbl and psd. and lots of tests and quizzes. All these takes up a percentage so they are pretty important :( I would say it's kinda hard to understand unless you're in my position.
Well, the worst is when you ended up in the same group with a slug for assignments. I had to do more than one person's job and it's so hard to communicate with slugs because they don't speak human language. Sorry if I sounded rude, I was so pissed every time I thought of it. haha

Moving on...

Despite all the downs, there were ups too :) The happy breaks we reward ourselves occasionally, especially after a hectic week. good food. good outing day.
We also have small breaks in between our study schedule serving as a stress reliever, like ice cream breaks! had so many mcd sundae cone. Usually at night when we got so saturated, then we'll be like eh want mcd? hahaha fats fats fats. Exam period=stress=dessert period=fat period.
and then I have my kdrama breaks! I never missed out any episode that I'm on haha. That was my entertainment. Forgetting all the stress for awhile but when it comes to an end, reality strikes. oh man.
I always look forward to my evening breaks, where I head back to my room and freshen up myself and relax and maybe watch a movie or catch up with my shows. hehe

My study playlist was once Pitch Perfect 2 soundtracks, got addicted after watching the movie, all their songs are amazing. And also, Big Bang MADE album. Thank you for releasing new songs every month ♥

One thing I got sick of is coffee, it has become a drink to increase my focus and concentration. I never even drink a sip of coffee after my last paper. bleh

I got my haircut over the weekend in the middle of finals. It was quite random. We were having Uncle Jang at Sri Petaling on a Friday night with one last paper to go on Monday and I feel the need to cut my hair. My hair was so long and I don't plan to leave it long. So, we went to a salon nearby which one my friends suggested, I think it was Jeff Lee hair company but they were closing by the time we reached so we went back the next day. So despo. haha I actually wanted it shorter but the person was so reluctant to cut it short lollll.

What else? Couldn't think of anything else now.
I definitely met a bunch of good friends there, they are all weird in a diff way... in a good way. HAHA Love ya all. ♥


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