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IMU Semester 2 | Phone Camera Memories (Part 1)

Here's an update on part of my life in IMU. It could become a  IMU guide to life hahaha
Was clearing my phone camera photos, it was really nice going through all these photos. They reminded me of the good times with my loves.

I miss them already T_T
Got back from August orientation just a few days ago, took up the job as one of the photographers, which I feel like it's an under appreciate job :( dear juniors, our job is not easy leh, quite tired leh, camera quite heavy leh, running around also leh, filter, edit and upload photos leh, appreciate us leh hahaha. I feel invisible taking their photos most times, it's like they enjoy and have fun and ignore our existence, and the photographers be like 'Alright. I'm invisible, just walking around trying to capture the happy hilarious moments' lollll
Another downside was I didn't get to know any juniors this time D; I only acknowledged the existence of certain people through photographing but I personally know none of them boohoooooo.
Head over to check out the orientation
I hope all the juniors had fun :)

Now, throwback sem 2 of a pharmacy student hahah.

We went to Malacca on our first weekend because after going through the timetable, we found that it was the only relaxing weekend. haha I'll put that in another post.

Jean's Birthday
It was a belated one though. We were on sem break on her birthday so just to let you know, we love you very much ♥ hehe
My all time duet partner, same taste in Disney songs. Brainwashing her with kpop. haha
We surprised her with a tiny cake during dinner at Naughty Babe Dirty Duck @ Desa Sri Hartamas
They kinda changed her name to GIN hahaha *points pic above
 and the next day, another cake for her with more of us right after her night bath hehe.
The green tea cake was really good by the way, which brings me to my next picture!

Moonlight Cake House @ Sri Petaling
We got all the birthday cakes from Moonlight hahaha because
1. Sri Petaling is close to us
2. The cakes are good and reasonably priced 
They served all sorts of pastries too! 
We had most of our meals at Sri Petaling, you can see a lot of restaurants and food over there and it's only 5 minutes drive away from IMU. 
We have quite a number of friends who drive so it's very convenient. I do get there by taxi on some nights to chill my head out. Go get the MyTeksi app, use promo code and get free rides every time hahaha.


lol a friend recommended this and... it was so bad ._.
Come Penang and taste a real good tomyam please everyone. haha


Moy's Birthday
We had good food at Opus Bistro Italian Restaurant. hehe
The food was really good and of course the price is on the higher side haha. 

Pasta Buffet @ Secret Of Louisiana
As you guys know pasta is never my thing. 
This marks the beginning of me eating pasta. woohoo however, still not a very big fan of it.
It's really an all you can eat pasta for RM19.90

D-01-01, Jalan SS 7/13a, Ss 7, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Business Hours: 8am to 10.30pm from Sun to Thurs, 8am to 11pm from Fri to Sat

after that, some of us went for the movie INSURGENT yeeeppppp :D

 so cute till I feel like squeezing itttttttttttttttt!

I went to HIT Fitness & Martial Arts free trial classes with Shu, Long and TianFeng. Goddamn tiring. lol
We even went for yoga hahaha I laughed so much due to my unprofessionalism especially when they meditate and go 'ohmmmmm'. I KENNOT HAHAHAHA.
 Look at our 野人 TianFeng


Housewarming & ChunDing's Birthday
Congrats on moving in a new place Miah, Ding, Boon and Ken, there's Miah always trying to set housemates goals hahaha. 4 different characters under the same roof. 
Steamboat nom nom with birthday cake surprise and birthday song for Ding Ding.


 This was the time I went to Sunway Pyramid with a few friends and then Lester called up and asked me to the F1 after race concert with SNSD and SHINee performing! DREAM COME TRUE
This deserved another post for itself. hahahah

Auditorium. The most comfortable place to fall asleep. 

 Jeremiah aka Miah on the left ki hiao

 Had this ice cream in Sri Petaling Pasar Malam (Tuesday)
The cheezy wedges there was as good as the one in KFC and also in a larger portion.
Our usual take away would be mango sticky rice. hehe

Tinterland Selfie Coffee & Bread @ Sri Petaling
with my juniors! My direct junior, Stephanie was kind enough to drive me, YaZhe and Jean & her direct junior, Eric out. 
So sweet right. I know. I sayang them very much too. haha 

Nana's Green Tea @ Mid Valley
Mid Valley should be the closest mall to IMU. I've been there a few times by LRT and KTM. 
Take the LRT to Bandar Tasik Selatan, buy the round trip tickets to Mid Valley and switch to KTM to get to Mid Valley.
I don't even know why I'm telling you this, I'm not even a pro at this, the first time I actually took one was during my sem 1 in IMU with guidance. hahaha

 I tried the choc paste and strawberry tatedora (RM6)
It's a no for me :(


 My first blood donation :D finally eligible to donate.
I was quite stress and feeling kinda negative, wanted to get rid of the negativity and donating blood seems like a way for me. lol

  More dates with juniors lol


 Avengers exhibition @ Mid Valley
Taken so many photos with my cam. Yes, will be uploading onto another post. haha

Sushi Mentai @ Sri Petaling 
Speaking of Sushi Mentai, we just had the first branch in Penang and the queue here is no kidding.
Although Sushi Mentai at Sri P is crowded all the time but there's no queue like the one here in Penang. lol

Long Gor's Birthday 
My ah longggggggggg birthday. You can now call him JORDAN. It was supposed to be a spy name for him for our last orientation but it somehow sticks to him FOREVER. 
We surprised him during midnight and he didn't even know it was his birthday...
Anyway, happy birthday ah longggg. hehehehe 

Jin Xuan Hong Kong Dim Sum @ Kuchai Lama
which is also close to IMU. IMU is not such a bad place after all. Food has never become a problem, the only problem is no idea what to eat because you'll get bored of everything eventually. 

Minamotonoya Cafe @ Sri Petaling
Not recommended -_- if you come for the cuteness of the water mochi, better don't. It's not worth it. The normal mochi is so much better. 

 Syrup experiment

 Someone played with my pens and highlighters, who was it again?

 Emulsion experiment

More to come but that's it for now :)
I love you guys hehe


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