Thursday, August 27, 2015

IMU Semester 2 | Phone Camera Memories (Part 2)

Please note that I don't eat all these (food photos that I've shown) everyday haha. 
In fact, my usual economic rice and noodles I had at places like Jojo pan mee, Chilli pan mee and Tou Tou at Sri Petaling is not posted because they're such common food for me that I didn't even bother to take a pic. ahah

A Pie Thing
with Lester and Victor, so nice of them to pick me up for the food that I always wanted to try. Much love.
Too bad I don't have any other photos, we only snapchat a lot of jokes. 

Xavier's Birthday
Midnight birthday surprise for our Xavier, who has grown stronger fighting through this semester :)
We love you very much, we'll always be there for you.

Free muffin. It has something to do with the student representative council. We even had free buffet after that. haha
Once in awhile, we get free food in IMU. Sign up for events, sit there and listen to their talk, and tadaaaaa time for free buffet. hahah

Sunway Pyramid
Sunway Pyramid is not that far from IMU too.
Monsters Fried Ice Cream recommended by Dione.
But for me it's okay okay only lah. There're better ice cream out there like Inside Scoop!

 Our chilling night

Hoji & Matcha Japanese Cafe @ Sri Petaling
A right place for MATCHA LOVERS.
Matcha errthang.
 Ice Matcha Latte Float 

MyBurgerLab @ OUG
The closest BurgerLab to IMU. Always bring your id along because you can get a discount with it. 

Soul in Seoul @Sri Petaling
I always settle my crave for kimchi ramyeon here. The first 2 times was good but the third time, the soup was kinda watery and tasteless :/ not sure about now.

McDonald's @ Sri Petaling
Another random late night with mcd. We had happy meal just because the smaller portion was right for us that time. We didn't buy it for minions. haha Although I'm not crazy over minions but I cannot lie that they're actually quite cute heh.

Baskin-Robbins @ Sri Petaling
This was on the 31st of I forgot which month hahaha. Baskin robbins 31! Mint choc.

More mcd lol unhealthy max.

I really love the banana pie! It was really good.

Starbucks @ TTDI
Our closest starbucks. Some people do study there, but the coffee making process do make a lot of noise. lol 

Pigs taking pictures because it was the last day of lecture for sem 2 hehe

Hoji & Matcha Japanese Cafe @ Sri Petaling
again. For their french toast :D
Stress month requires dessert. 

Stress day with ice cream from ShuYee ♥
and it's MAGNUM GOLD! ♥♥♥

Uncle Jang @ Sri Petaling
Uncle Jang during exam period. Cray cray.

Semester 2 basically ends here.
Those below are after partyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. 

First stop. Dinner at Mikey's Original New York Pizza @ Bangsar

and then Inside Scoop! They run out of durian *cries
Durian flavour is definitely THE BOMB.

Durian with the bunch later on. I didn't have any though, have already reached my level of fullness.

The people I met there are just like family to me.
Thank you so much. I'm blessed.


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