Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Yululuka Head Therapy Spa Treatment @ LAD Salon

Back on writing a review ;)
I got to try the new Yululuka Head Therapy Spa Treatment at LAD Salon last month.
It came at the right time after my hectic semester. Before that, my hair was totally dried out.

The Japan Yululuka products with many different natural plant-derived ingredients are perefectly designed for hair, scalp and mind.
As everyone's hair is different, the professionals will be selecting the products that suit your hair and scalp condition best.
They have selected the Total Head Therapispa for me, it claims to care for scalp and hair and removes impurities or waste drugstore shampoos. The bamboo charcoal contained in the paste removes impurities and deodorizes.
The treatment comes in 5 steps with

1. Cleansing (Remove) - The process conditions the scalp and grows beautiful hair, while massage has a relaxation effect. I was given the Sumiremove Paste to remove sebum, dirt, smoke and dust particles from hair and scalp, improving the scalp condition.

2. Washing (Purify) - Purifies the hair, scalp and frame of mind. Chyprevital Shampoo for me which gives damaged hair airness and lightness, adding natural volume to hair.

3. Hair Treatment (Nourish) - Supplies nutrients the hair needs, making the hair healthy and silky. Chyprefluffy Treatment is selected which repairs damaged hair from within, making the hair light, flexible and airy.

4. Skin conditioning (Scalp care) - Nourishes and hydrate the scalp. Given the Alvitamoist Liquid to moisturize dryness-prone scalp.

5. Hair Maintenance (Hair protection) - Protect hair from everyday damage. As for the last step, I was given the Floraguard Blowmist to protect the hair from friction caused by brushing and heat of blow drying.

 My hair definitely feels smoother and it smells so good. 
I've received such warm welcome from them. The people there are so nice and chatty :) not to mention beautiful! haha
 Thank you for the fruit oil for my dry ends ;) love it.

 My treatment was done by the beautiful Corine. x

I do weird poses and I do weird stuff. Let's just get used to it. 

No. 221C, Jalan Burma, 10050, Georgetown, Penang

Have a wonderful day!


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