Sunday, November 29, 2015

Christmas Decorations

Don't you just love Christmas? Christmas carols, Christmas decorations, oh and Christmas movies! (and those special Christmas drinks which are only available on this season *slurps)
Although living in a country without 4 seasons. Christmas vibe is always there.
Remember the time when we still believe in Santa. We tried to behave ourselves to be in the nice list! especially when it's approaching Christmas. haha
 On Christmas day, my sister and I would run to our Christmas tree to unwrap our presents. Getting all excited about it!
But ever since we found out that Santa isn't real, the number of gifts we received reduced year by year lol. Reality. It's okay. I have nothing much to ask for :) 

It's all about giving 

Check out the Christmas decorations in Queensbay mall. Despite being an average sized tree, it certainly brighten up the festive season. 

Not much for this post, But I'll be writing something many has been asking next.


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