Wednesday, December 16, 2015

My New Hair Colour @ Lad Salon

A week ago, I went back to Lad Salon for a new change, not a drastic one though. Lun gave me a few suggestions and I decided to go for a ash purple highlight on the top of my head and matte brown for the base. However, the highlight faded in less than a week, giving me a ash grey highlight. 
After all these dying, my hair is getting really dry, I probably have to stop dying for now. I couldn't help it sometimes because I have white/grey hair. It's inherited and I got my very first white strand while I was still in primary school. Many asked why do you have so many white hair? It's fine when I only have to answer once but it gets annoying if you asked me more than once. It's not something to be proud of. It's like asking someone why are you so fat. See? Offensive? yes. 

 This was my previous hair colour, got it done at Lad Salon too. But the red highlight faded away in 2 weeks. turning into a golden highlight instead.

 When waiting gets a little boring...

Snapchat time. This is a G-Dragon impostor 

Final outcome! Under natural lighting

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